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The Land of Indies

September 21, 2012

Having entered the fields of the Indies and having been welcomed there, is a very, very pleasant experience.
It’s amazing to me how I am exploring a culture of genuine friendliness, of genuine interest, of entrepreneurial spirit to live Scientology, to be creative in this field, to pressure forward without being pushed!
Nobody has regged me; on the contrary, many have been offering their help and advice. People I never met before have offered me to stay with them. We have discussed for hours, excitedly without having to think twice before we speak, without having to withhold, without fear of thought control and someone reporting to the authorities!

It’s simply unbelievable – what a different world! How free! I can’t believe how much I had become accustomed to restrictions!
Having left a “Hollywood,” a world of backdrops, facades and social veneer – no wonder when stating how one really feels and what one really thinks is outlawed – I am now in a world much more real. I feel that I have returned home after years of odysseys.


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